Web Design

Web Design & Development

Do you struggle to understand the way the web works and how that will benefit your company ?

Does it appear to you that the web is a vast ocean?

Fathom Web can help.

Five must does

1.You need  a relevant web site Name

Eg www.wesellcoats.co.uk

Firstly you need a relevant web site name- Got one already? Is it relevant ? Does it help the search engines find your products /services?


3 Eye catching

4 Relevant we fix, we sell, we can do for you.

5,Interactive live streaming of articles, video, blog, twitter all types of Social media

So how can you ?

Who is so busy, do all that on a limited budget?

We what you need is a friendly cost effective advice.

Fathom Web will hold your hand, prompt you and help write your website !

We will email you our guide to what you need to make a good website content questions and advice

User Guide to What Next

5 pages of good content endless email addresses Joan @ sales@ admin@ etc

Scrolling site ,map, blog, twitter etc

£35.00 per month £50.00 upfront one off payment  minimum 3 month contract.

WebFit 2 Shopfront

Full shop on the internet All the above with more pages ,images,content

£60.00 per month £100.00 upfront one off payment 3 month contrat

Full Internet shop with a basket ,checkout etc

£200.00 per calendar month one of upfront payment o £200.00

3 month contract minimum.

How to Cook Up Great Website Copy

Pairing a beautifully-designed website with thrown-together copy is disappointing and  lazy. Your website copy is one of the first things people notice about your company, To truly whet the appetites of potential customers, your website copy must do the following:

One of the most important aspects of web site maintenance is content updates. New content in the form of new products and services, monthly special offerings, useful tips and noteworthy news articles and press releases will give your audience a reason to keep coming back to your site. This will also increase your chance of converting your visitor into a customer. If your web content is stale, visitors will search elsewhere for the things they need. It is therefore very important that the company web site is updated and enhanced regularly with new content and technology. See it as a way of protecting your site and investment.

As you think about upcoming maintenance you would like to perform on your site please consider these two tips that will help encourage returning web site visitors:

Instead of filling your site with flashy graphics and useless information, utilize the space to provide content that is relevant to your product or service. Tools, calculators, free downloads, informative articles, and industry news are all sources of valuable content to site visitors.

If your content never changes, you will have a hard time getting returning web site visitors. People want to see new content that is frequently updated. By providing new and fresh content, you are constantly encouraging returning web site visitors. There are many things you can do to change the content without making a huge effort: begin a blog, write a regular newsletter, or offer promotions, coupons, and rewards. Monthly contests and prize giveaways are also a great way to encourage returning visitors.

For many companies a web site has become a critical component of their business. Maintaining a web site often requires a combination of graphic design and technical skill. Many companies and organizations do not have full- or part-time web designers and developers on staff and if they do these resources have multiple responsibilities (especially if it is the IT department of a company), and web updates are often put on a back burner or into a queue that may take weeks or months to be completed. Outsourcing routine maintenance can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need for dedicated or part-time staff