Equine Dentist Solutions

Equine Dentist Database Solution

HorseBase Database Application is essential for the busy equine dentist, it will enable them to manage their entire business more efficiently and effectively allowing more time to be allocated where time is most important, with their customers and patients. As with all bespoke database products it is extremely easy to use with no previous database experience needed to be able to use all the benefits available. This product provides the independent equine dentist with the ability to manage their entire customer and business information to enable them to reduce paperwork and deliver quicker and more effective customer service and therefore potentially allow them grow their business.

Features & Benefits

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  • The registration and maintenance of new customers and suppliers with standard and secondary contact information.
  • The recording and maintenance of information regarding the stabling and locations of an unlimited number of horses.
  • The maintenance of dental records of all registered horses with a full dental chart. Maintenance of full records for the customer and supplier.
  • The maintenance of new and potential customer and supplier records with standard contact information.
  • The maintenance of a customer contact history log that records all communication throughout the life of the customers. This includes all telephone, e-mail, letter and fax communications.
  • The maintenance of an action history and 'To do' list for each customer and the user.
  • Automatically updated dairy facility.
  • Accounts package for accurate invoice.
  • Keep in touch with all your customers with the mailshot module allowing the creation and maintenance of standard mailshots, linked to the customer records.
  • The creation and maintenance of an unlimited number of standard letters and documents.