Free Recycling of Computers and all IT equipment

Recycle IT

We TAKE: Laptop, Computer, Monitor,, Keyboard, Cables, AC adaptor, Network / Telephone / Test equipment, Printer , industrial and institutional electronics and Spent Printer cartridges

Are you involved with a school or college? Check out our IT recycling scheme to raise school funds for your school by parents recycling their old computers, laptops, printers and games consoles. Read this for more information.

We REUSE First, and Recycle second. We take all Business and Home ELECTRONICS with a battery or plug, working and NOT working.

You Can:

1. Drop-off at a Fathom Shop
2. Arange A Collections (collections are available for 5 item or more)

Call us 0161 439 2478 / 0161 962 9595