Cloud Backup

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“Fathom Smart” Professional Clound Backup removes stress

Cloud Backup and Archiving

Rapid cloud backup and recovery for servers, desktops and laptops with instant access to live and archive data and powerful analysis for compliance and cost-effective management.
• Eliminate downtime, radically reducing the impact of security risks

• Radically reduce costs by paying only for what you use
• Free up primary storage reducing the need for capital outlay
• Unthrottled recovery or access to data utilising Redstor’s unique InstantDataTM

Ransomware protection and AI-rmalware detection

With ransomware presenting an ongoing threat to data, organisations need to ensure they are actively working to prevent becoming infected. Redstor’s AI-drive malware detection, enables the detection and removal of malicious files from within a backup, ensuring a clean recovery can take place.

• Automated searches for key indicators exhibited by malware
• Preserve the integrity of data, which is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest
• Avoids the need for a user to configure or install anything or carry out upgrades

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SaaS Data Protection

All in one solution and unified interface covering infrastructure and SaaS applications including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Xero, Salesforce and Kubernetes (AKS).

• The most complete coverage for Microsoft 365 from a single product
• Backup and protection for critical data sets outside of CRM systems allowing for independent recovery
• No compatibility challenges, reducing complexity and simplifying management
• Unparalleled simplicity for protecting AKS data sets with no scripting

Azure Mobility

The ability to move virtual machines from their current location to Azure, using the same application you’re already using to protect them, minimising risk and maximising efficiency.• Easily move workloads to the cloud with just a few clicks, creating a bridge to your future
• An intuitive web app that ensures easy recovery and migration of full systems
• The ability to simplify testing and developing new machines in an Azure environment

The new industry standard of data management and protection

The broadest coverage through a single app – Manage and consistently protect data residing in the broadest range of environments, spanning infrastructure and an ever-widening array of SaaS platforms, through a single app.

Get protected on day 1 – Get up and running in minutes with zero upfront cost and end-to-end online onboarding.

Centralise data management – Reduce overheads by managing all company sites and remote user devices through a single, intuitive, cloud-native app that scales effortlessly, with no hardware requirement.