VOIP Phone Solutions

 Are VOIP services right for you?  BigVoipHow can we help you find out ? There are several items to consider when determining whether Voice over IP telecommunications is right for your business.

The following questions are a starting point for determining whether it makes sense to pursue a free needs analysis with a member of Fathom VoIP’s staff.

  1. Is your current phone system providing your business the level of functionality required to meet the needs of your client and employee base? How long does it take for a caller to reach a live person? Can you control your call flow?
  2. Is your current phone system more than 5 years old? There are two items to consider. First, technology and, specifically, Voice over IP technology has evolved tremendously over the past five years. Second, traditional phone systems have usually completely depreciated in value by this time.
  3. Do your employees currently have direct extension dialing and personal voicemail capabilities?
  4. Do you have multiple locations? What percentage of your call volume is between locations? Are these currently long distance calls? What would it mean to your bottom line if you were to eliminate long distance calls between locations?
  5. Do you have a predetermined Disaster Recovery Plan that can be implemented remotely by your current vendor? What happens if there’s interruption in your service?
  6. Does your current phone system interface with your desktop? Can you currently save voicemail as wave files? How important is it to have a precise understanding of your clients’ needs?
  7. Do you have a mobile workforce? Do you have employees who work from home? How are you monitoring and controlling their call flow?
  8. Do you have to interact with your clients after traditional business hours?
  9. Do you currently receive more than one bill for your local, long distance and maintenance costs?
  10. Are you utilizing your existing IT network and broadband capabilities?

Not sure of the right answers to these questions?

Let Fathom VoiP be the trusted advisor for all of your current and future telecommunication needs by scheduling a no cost, no obligation needs analysis today.

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